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​the Wicki Poo

the Wicki Momma

the Travel Wicki

​the Mink'n Wicki

​the Little Wicki-ette

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Annie Fannie
​the Lost Wicki

[email protected]   Eons ago Mother Nature created eighteen divine guardians. This visit is your invitation to become acquainted with the loving Wicki, and the characters that surround them.

Meet the Wicki's mascot, Hardy Catwell, the most the
most talented feline on planet earth.
.  After losing his job as a trapeze artist in the world's biggest
circus, Hardy began making a living singing like
Carlos Santana on the beaches in Key West, Florida.

  Join the long lasting search for  Annaloria Fantasamagoria,
the lost Wicki, with the shortened name of Annie Fannie. A rude intrusion by Father Time during her creation set Annie on a different and unexpected journey. The first wicked witches in the world, happen to be Annie's naughty triplets named Biggie,
Biggure, and Biggest, aka, the Tripps. Although mean and vindictive, their actions manage to be quite comical.


Unusual little creatures that resemble spiders are much more, Uspinda is the Faeries' constant companions.  Each attendee graduated from Wicki Uspinda University (WBU) to serve their very own Wicki.  The most famous Uspinda, Hairy Caree, serves as a hairdresser for all the Wicki Faeries.


  Uspinda, Hairy Caree also happens to be genuinely in love with the beautiful Uspinda, Della-Bella Spinderella.  For the sole purpose of winning her hand in marriage, Hairy builds Della-Bella Spinderella a Love Bridge over the broadest part of the Grand Canyon.  How did he accomplish such a feat?  He did that extraordinary thing because he didn't know he couldn't. That's how.

   The Wicki Faeries are not precisely what they seem to be.  Each one does something genuinely unique to help us when the need arises.  When you feel unsure of yourself, the caring stranger at your side might be a Wicki sent by God to protect you.  Perhaps you have a special friend who is a Faerie, but you don't know they are! 
"Being a Faerie is not always easy.
If you are lucky enough to be one,
you have to know when to live in the real world,
"and" the make-believe world at the same time."
Quote:  Mother Nature

Wicki Blissdom University
Institute of...
 the Proud,
the  Few,
Uspinda !

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