Though demons rest upon my bed,
       I still recline my weary head.
   I pray to sleep the sleep of angels,
Though not to come,
my sheets in tangles.
    As fleeing from a dream come true,
     I rest again to flee anew.
 The Prayer of Nightmares

  Enter Darkus Malarkus

 “I’m not exactly sure where I came from, or how I got here.  For that matter, I really do not care.  I am sure  of this though; I’m a paper thin authority on misery,  and muck, and I’m going to show everyone who’s boss  by bringing the weak to their knees.”
        Quote:  Darkus  Malarkus

As his third grade teacher, Teachi Marvel loves Duke Maloo for some strange reason. 

He reminds her of the ten month old baby she lost to a cold hearted kidnapper.

The only thing she can do for Duke is protect him from school bullies .
This is Prideous Maloo, Duke's Mother.

If you cover half
her face, you will see that she has two sides to her personality.

Her right side shines bright, and sparkles, especially when she is out and about in public.

The left side of her face illuminates a dark side. The one she most often displays to Duke.

The pompous heir to a vast fortune,Greedious Maloo barely tolerates his ten year old son Duke.

Only harsh
cold words leave his 
mouth demeaning the little boy every chance he gets.

Greedious fatally discovers that his wealth cannot prevent retribution.
Teachi's husband, Kapper Marvel has never given up hoping to reunite with his lost son.  

The only thing he can do now, is give love and support to his grieving wife, and continue praying.

He has a son someplace to teach how to become a good man.

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