My name is  Noёl L. DeSomer-Bisher.
  Born in the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois, I'm from a long line of artists, musicians, and storytellers.

  For all of you women, and young girls who feel a bit less than pretty, and special, take heart.  Every one of us has a wart or two that will never go away, no matter how beautiful we think we are.
  The next time someone makes you feel insignificant, take a close look at her face and the wart she doesn't know she has. The fact is, yours is probably smaller.

  The Wicki Faeries have sold as collector sets, and a series of tales for children is in the works.

  The tale you read about Duke Maloo,  proves there is still kindness in the world.
  Stories for children are essential to their development, and the "A Faerie Tale For Adelyn" series, always ends with a moral to the story, and of course, a happy ending.

With Sincere Wishes,
N.L. DeSomer-Bisher

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