Eight-year-old Duke Maloo lives a life shrouded in mystery.  Growing up in a brownstone mansion on Lake Shore Drive,  in Chicago, Illinois, his socialite parents, Prideous and  Greedious Maloo show him no love or affection.  In fact, the only attention he receives from them is ridicule.   As a  result, he lives vicariously as a Super Hero, similar to the ones he admires within his vast collection of collectible comic books.
   What happens to innocent young children tormented by bullies at school, and home?   Their inner demons surface when least expected. 
   In his bruised mind, Duke Maloo becomes the little boy his parents thoughtlessly call, Doofus Maloofus.
   Duke is an example of all children who suffer mentally when they can no longer cope with bruised feelings.  Nightmares often turn into reality.  For Duke Maloo, the nightmare had a name…  Darkus Malarkus, the  Denizen of Doom.
 Duke Maloo represents the little person still residing within all of us. The Boogeyman who terrorizes him has terrorized nearly all of us at one time or another.
  Fortunately, Duke encounters an unusual Wicki Faerie named Juvenia to guide him through his turmoil. 
  This tale is one in a series of fables revolving around the Wicki Faeries and Mother Nature.  Each story offers an encouraging moral for young people, while at the same time, provides positive and spiritual reinforcement.


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