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​​Introducing the


Wicki Faeries


For eons, Mother Nature purposely hid the identity of a force that  influences how our universe works.

This brief introduction of the Wicki Faeries provide facts, and reveals Mother Nature's truth about how these unique entities influence our every day lives.

Wicki Faeries are the loving product of God, along with Mother Nature, and a bit of meddling by Father Time.

All 18 possess unusual qualities that protect the universe, and it’s living creatures whether two-legged, four–legged, wet, winged or creepy crawly.

They are the Nurses of Nature,and the Healers of Hearts. 

Age wise the Wicki are almost as old as Mother Nature herself.

The Head Wicki

Wicki Faerie Introduction

  A Wicki Faerie's primary purpose in life is to open our eyes and hearts to cruel prejudice when we label other people for what they look like rather who they really are.

  Like all of us, the Wicki Faeries are special and surprisingly talented.  However, they have magic abilities to help others overcome, and defeat life's adversities.

  Open the long-hidden corner of our brain where a niggle of whimsy resides, and discover the world of Wicki Faeries.

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